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The biggest informative website about trick training and more!

You can also find us at Youtube! At the moment we have 17 video’s online with a lots of tricktraining tutorials! We are working on translations at the moment.

Through all the years, trick training with horses became very popular. But it’s hard to find correct and complete information at the internet.

That’s the reason we decided to bring out our knowledge and experience, to offer a clear and informative website to everyone who wants to know more about trick training and more.

Trick training is more than just training the exercises and the tricks, a trickhorse also needs to be ridden and trained correctly and for a good further training a stable base is nescessary.

At this website you find articles and video’s about grondwork, trick training, classical dressage, bitless riding and more.

We’re working on the English translation, soon it will be completely translated!